Flake Graphite Powder and Premelting Refining Slag Supplier 

Are you looking for a wholesaler of flake graphite powder? Hebei Ben Hong New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is the answer. We are a supplier you need for all your production related to graphite. What makes us a wholesale recarburizer manufacturer is our finest extraction process. You can have various types of carbon and graphite products here. 

Covers Massive Needs from Steel to Rubber Industries

Many products need raw materials like natural flake graphite powder. We can extract and supply it to many suppliers at a time. This range of supply is extensive because many industries need it. You can purchase it from us for raw materials. Then you can manufacture products of rubber, steel, automobiles, lubricants, etc. 

Low-Cost Supply of Flake Graphite Powder

The price is pretty low here. Since we are a wholesale recarburizer manufacturer, we can offer discounts. To get discounts, you need to buy in bulk. Once you buy flake graphite powder in bulk, you will have many financial benefits. Many global buyers reach us for mega purchases. We have an ample supply to meet your needs. You can buy flake graphite powder at wholesale rates from us. 

Considerable Industrial Applications

Choose us If you are looking for a premelting refining slag supplier. Our supply can help many manufacturers from different fields. You can use flake graphite powder in many ways. For instance, you can use them in brake linings, lubricants, ceramic crucibles, etc. 

Brake Linings 

Automobiles need high-power brakes for better stability. Brake manufacturers use flake graphite powder to manufacture them. There are various reasons why they use it. The main reason is the safety of passengers inside the car. 

Safety of Drivers

The safety of drivers is possible when the core braking system works well. The brake lining provides them with high support to stop whenever they need it. Drivers can trust the braking system as the grip carbon provides in the brake shoes.

High Friction for Immediate Brakes

High friction in the braking system lets them work efficiently. When a driver applies brakes, brake linings of carbon stop the wheels immediately. We are a flake graphite powder and premelting refining slag supplier. If you ever want to purchase them, head to us.

Ceramic Crucibles

Ceramic crucibles help in the production of metal goods. They can carry molten metal easily, which shows their strength. This strength comes from using flake graphite powder in the production of ceramic crucibles.  We are also a premelting refining slag supplier to meet similar production.

How Can You Benefit from Ben Hong Carbon?

We follow standards like ISO 9001: 2008 in our factory. Hebei Ben Hong New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a top name in the carbon industry. You can purchase various products in bulk from us. All the graphite and carbon materials are of top grade and affordable. We have been working in the industry for more than three decades. You can avail lots of more benefits from us.