The Best Graphite Blocks at Unbeatable Prices 

Hebei Ben Hong New Material Technology Co Ltd is known as the trusted graphite block exporter for producing the best graphite blocks. Our company makes high-quality graphite blocks by installing the latest manufacturing technologies and machines in production facilities and availing of the services of a trained workforce and specialist team. We only sell high-quality graphite blocks in the market by ensuring that our international quality inspection team examines their quality regularly. Experienced quality evaluators from worldwide guide our international quality inspection team. We are well-known for selling our graphite blocks by charging the lowest wholesale price in the highly competitive international market for graphite blocks.

The Ultimate Solution for Your Graphite Block Needs

As one of the reputed graphite block makers, we produce lightweight graphite blocks to help your delivery team easily supply these blocks without paying high shipping charges. We are a well-known graphite block exporter who makes graphite blocks in different sizes. Thus, you can bulk purchase these blocks in whichever size you want, according to the size requirements of your customers. Our graphite blocks are extremely heat-resistant. Thus, they would not burn regardless of the high temperatures to which they are exposed. We sell different kinds of graphite blocks. These include flake graphite blocks, amorphous graphite blocks, pyrolytic graphite blocks, synthetic graphite blocks and crystalline vein graphite blocks. Our graphite blocks have a long service life. Thus, your customers will not complain about their failure to perform after a short period.  

Get the Reliable and Timely Graphite Block Supply 

As one of the reputable graphite block suppliers, we are trying to develop new highly advanced graphite blocks to facilitate our customers. We also aim to cut down the wholesale price of graphite blocks by increasing their output. Our company expects that these steps would help us increase our market share and sales revenue. As a reputed graphite block maker, we always keep our production machines and delivery teams ready to fulfil our delivery deadlines. Thus, one of our delivery teams will get our graphite blocks supplied to you through our shipping contractor on time.