Your favorite large graphite block supplier With New Material Technology

Hebei Ben Hong New Material Technology Co Ltd is a trusted GPC graphite block exporter. Our company produces high-quality graphite petroleum coke by training workers to operate upgraded machines. These workers use these machines under the supervision of a professional team. Our customers know that they would not receive low-quality graphite petroleum coke from us. As our international quality assurance team regularly examines the quality of our graphite petroleum coke. This team does so by seeking advice from experienced quality experts worldwide. Our company sells high-quality graphite petroleum coke by charging the lowest price in the wholesale market. 

Advantages of our graphite petroleum coke for growing your business


We produce lightweight graphite petroleum coke. Thus, you can supply this petroleum coke to your customers without charging high delivery charges as you will need to pay low shipping charges because of its lightweight. 

It helps produce various high-quality products

Our graphite petroleum coke contains 99 percent carbon. This helps manufacturers use it to produce different high-quality products. These include high-quality cast iron and steel. Thus, well-reputed steel and iron producers have bulk purchased our graphite petroleum coke. 

Availability in different sizes

Our graphite petroleum coke is available in various sizes. Thus, you can purchase this Coke in various sizes per your customers' demands. 

High temperature resistant

Manufacturers can expose our graphite petroleum coke to high temperatures to produce different products. Thus, your customers will not complain about its destruction due to exposure to high temperatures, as high temperatures cannot burn it. 

It helps cut down the manufacturing cost of steel

Our graphite petroleum coke helps cut down the production costs of manufacturers. After its utilization in steel-making machines, no residue is left to dispose of. Thus, manufacturers do not need to pay disposal charges.

Our dedication to serve the interests of our customers

As a well-reputed GPC graphite block exporter, we will reduce the graphite petroleum coke's price. We will increase its supply to the wholesale graphite petroleum coke market to do so. Our company will reduce the graphite petroleum coke's heat conductivity and improve its temperature resistance. We are trying to cut down our lead time to facilitate our customers in the best possible manner. As a large graphite block supplier, we are ready to immediately meet our customers' needs. We will get graphite petroleum coke supplied to you through our shipping contractor on time.