Industrial Sales of Wholesale Graphite Petroleum Coke 

Purchase large quantities of CPC from Hebei Ben Hong New Material Technology Co., Ltd. We are the name behind impurity-less CPC production. If you really want to purchase graphite, you can choose us. It is because we are a petroleum coke supplier with ample quantities. Buyers can head to us for a timely supply of top-grade CPC. 

Deep Refining Process for Pure Quality of CPC

We extract calcined petroleum coke in massive quantities. To fulfill the needs of multiple buyers, we go for mega supply. This extraction process is extensive for the utmost purity of CPC. It is a byproduct of oil, which comes through a long refining process. If the purity level is high, the output will automatically be high. 

Cheap Rates for Bulk Calcined Petroleum Coke 

Ben Hong Carbon is a petroleum coke supplier that is affordable for bulk buyers. If you are among large-quantity buyers, you can avail of cheap rates. We are offering extremely low rates for mega supply. Many buyers from multiple industries can purchase in bulk. We are supplying calcined petroleum coke at a cut price. These are unbelievable prices in this industry.

Steel, Aluminum, Rubber, Plastic, and Various Industrial Needs

Metal, rubber, plastic, and even some other industries rely on CPC. The reason is that they are a good contributor to different products. They work great as electrodes in steel and aluminum production. Also, they contribute to rubber and plastic products. There are lots of other products where you can use CPC. Use them as raw materials for products like pencils, electrodes, and other carbon goods. 

Aluminum, Carbon, and Graphite Electrodes

If you are from the metal industry, you need a well-known petroleum coke supplier. There can not be a better option than Ben Hong Carbon. They work as electrodes in the furnaces like electric arcs, ladles, etc. The reason they work as top electrodes is their heat and electricity conductivity. You can manufacture anodes of aluminum, carbon, and graphite. All you need to do is purchase calcined petroleum coke from us. 

Steel and Iron Treatment

Every time steel and iron production comes, carbon products follow them. We supply wholesale graphite petroleum coke to every steel and iron products producer. Steel and iron will get immense strength through the petroleum coke we supply. You will not be able to find any weakness because that makes us a top supplier. 

Increasing Strength Refractory Goods

Industries of refractory goods use petroleum coke to increase the quantity of carbon in them. That is why the durability level also increases because of that. Purchasing it from us will unlock your gates to better manufacturing of refractory goods.   

Made for Temperature Extremity

High-temperature survival is the real challenge for electrodes of graphite petroleum coke. Buy wholesale graphite petroleum coke from us to produce refractory and steel goods. This will add a good resistance level to stand against heat. Survival against heat is the challenging part here. We assure you that it will survive in the furnace much longer. 

The Least or No Impurities

Our petroleum coke has the least or no impurities at all. We extract them through various processes for the highest level of purity. If the purity level is high, the production of carbon goods will also be high. That is how we keep the extraction process at an optimum level.

Reasons Why Buyers Choose Ben Hong Carbon in Carbon and Metal Industries

Choose Hebei Ben Hong New Material Technology Co., Ltd. if you want successful production. There are many reasons, and low-cost supply is one of them. We have been a reliable name in the graphite and carbon industry for over 30 years. To stay ahead of the competition, we stick to standards like ISO 9001: 2008. Our team of experts diligently makes us progress in the competition. Our clients are all over the world.