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Hebei Ben Hong New Material Technology Co., LTD is a leading manufacturer of graphite and carbon materials with a global reach. Our company has served the Iron & Steel, Aluminum, and other Metallurgical industries for over 30 years.
Our main products are graphite electrodes (RP 75mm-1200mm, HP 200mm-1000mm, UHP 200mm-800mm) and other carbon products.  We can also produce high purity, high density and high strength graphite products based on customer's needs. All the products that we produce are ISO9001:2008 certifieds.

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    Why Choose Us?

    When it comes to sourcing materials for your industrial needs, the choice of a reliable supplier can significantly impact your operations' success. In this regard, exploring the benefits of procuring a UHP Graphite Electrode becomes essential. These cutting-edge electrodes offer a range of advantages that are unmatched in the market.


    Investing in shaped Graphite Electrodes and nipple electrode proves to be a cost-effective decision for your business. Their exceptional durability and high thermal conductivity ensure reduced downtime and energy efficiency during your industrial processes. This cost-effectiveness is further enhanced by their long-lasting nature, allowing you to achieve optimal performance and avoid frequent replacements.


    Reliability is of utmost importance in the industrial landscape, and Large Graphite Block deliver just that. With their superior mechanical strength and resistance to thermal shock, they are well-equipped to handle the most demanding applications. Whether you are involved in steel production, silicon premelting refining slag, or other high-temperature processes, these electrodes ensure consistent and reliable performance, minimizing any unexpected disruptions.


    Every industry has unique requirements, and the versatility of "UHP Graphite Electrodes" allows for seamless customization. Tailoring these electrodes to your specific needs can optimize their efficiency and maximize output. Whether it's a Wholesale Recarburizer or a "Large Graphite Block," these electrodes can be shaped, sized, and designed to match your exacting demands.